HiZ Switchcraft XLR Male -1/4" TS Microphone Cable

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Product  RA3M

Model # - RA3M
XLR Male - 1/4”

Hi Impedance - Switchcraft XLR to 1/4” mono male

USA1 20 Ga Wire
Neutrik 1/4”
Wired Pin 3 hot - Standard
Pin 2 Hot - Designate “EV”

Conquest specialty microphone cables on this page use the same Conquest USA1, S2B, USA2 & Optima wire as on previous pages. These specialty cables feature:

Neutrik NC3FXS on/off switch plug

Neutrik EMC series designed for enhanced RF screening. Guarantees a continuous RF shield connection.

Low pass filter for RF rejection

Switchcraft XLR to 1/4” Mono for high impedance microphone applications

All Conquest, made in the U.S.A., cables on this page carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY

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