HAA Series Instrument Cable Angle/Angle

Price: $13.30
Product  HAA

Model # - HAA
USA1 20 gauge wire
Senior 1/4” angle plugs
Switchcraft plugs optional
6”, 1’, 18”, 2’ also standard

Cables on this page utilize custom designed USA1 20 gauge shielded wire and S2B 24 gauge 2 conductor shielded wire where indicated.
Professional grade USA1 wire, 90% shielded. Low capacitance. SGC2 utilizes our S2B wire.
Internal noise rejection tape. Tour tough, flexible jacket
Standard lengths, unless indicated: 3’, 6’, 10’, 15’, 18’, 20’, 25’, 30’, 50’ Custom lengths available.
Custom imprinting available

All Conquest Sound, made in the U.S.A., cables are manufactured to the tightest tolerances in the industry and carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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