Used 10mfan "The Boss" Metal Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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"The boss": very powerful high baffle hard rubber mouthpiece

I haven't left out those who want to let loose! This piece is designed to accommodate those looking for great power with body, depth, and clarity. It can be played with a huge, meaty, fat, powerful, huskier core sound or a very bright and powerful sound depending on how you play and what reed choices you make- without sacrificing a deep rich core and very complex center. Alot of jazz players who want more power than they get with their hard rubber mouthpiece, are using this piece now.

If you are a player who blows darker:

The sound will be very powerful, thick, rich, warmer, husky, and meaty with tons of power top to bottom.
If you are a player who blows brighter: this will be a very powerful, bright hard rubber mouthpiece for you- most likely the most powerful hard rubber tenor mouthpiece you've ever played.

The multi-phonics and altissimo are truly incredible. This mouthpiece can be played quietly and retains a huge tone, and has the availability of exceptional power throughout the ranges. Reed choices are so crucial for you to get brighter or darker with all of my mouthpieces! If you've had bad luck with higher baffle pieces in the past, allow me to show you how great this can be when executed properly. This doesn't feel like a high baffle piece to me. I've had friends play it and they are amazed at how the air goes through it. They agreed it doesn't feel like a typical high baffle to them either. It has enormous depth and flexibility.

Special note:
Even though this has a high baffle, the facing curve is designed to allow you to play the same tip size as you would with my low baffle mouthpiece. You do not need to go up any tip sizes here, but you can if you want to. You can use the same tip you would on any of my mouthpieces. If you've always wanted to try bigger tip, high baffled pieces - this is your chance. This piece is a beast!!! The baffle is high but not overly long, so that there are plenty of low's and mid's in the sound along with the high's. This mouthpiece is appropriately named "the boss".

*Please make sure you try a slightly harder reed with your boss mouthpiece than you normally use, as I find that works the best.

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