Arrangement Collection UPPER REGISTER TRUMPET

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Arrangement Collection

By Steve Hommel

Explore the Arrangement Collection Books

Arrangement Collection books include 14 beginning to intermediate level pieces in a vast variety of musical styles, as well as 22 favorite melodies, scales, finger charts and more! This performance based curriculum may be used as a comprehensive program for semesters 2, 3 and 4 of concert band, or as supplement to any traditional band method. Rubber Band Arrangements are scored to sound complete with practically any instrumentation.

Explore each of the 14 pieces below by clicking on its named row. For each piece you will find:

• A student performance Video

• The Building Blocks, where all band members study the components of the piece in unison

• The actual Band Arrangement. After studying the Building Blocks, your bands will literally sight read their way through these rich contrapuntal pieces!

• Upper Register part, alternate parts for intermediate level players

• Virtuoso part, alternate parts to challenge your most prodigious students!

MP3 recordings of each of the 14 full-length pieces in the Arrangement Collection are now available for FREE Digital Download. These recordings feature a live 60 piece concert band.

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