Fingerstyle Fitness - Effective Workouts for the Fingerstyle Guitarist with Online Demo Videos

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This technique handbook for the fingerstyle guitarist will help you master the techniques and styles of players like Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Leo Kottke, and Tommy Emmanuel. Refine your left- and right-hand skills with focused exercises and helpful tips, learn how to build a compelling fingerstyle arrangement for guitar, and take total control of your practice routine. To help guide you through the exercises, 80 demonstration videos are included for online streaming or download, and many of the videos feature both slow and fast versions of the exercise. The lessons presented in this book are bound to take your guitar playing to the next level! Workouts in this book focus on topics like: right-hand dexterity; right-hand speed; useful pima patterns; left-hand stretches; finger independence; legato techniques; barre techniques; Travis picking; arpeggios and scales; building fingerstyle arrangements; and much more!

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