Band and Orchestra Rental Instrument FAQ


  • Offers your child a risk-free opportunity. The contract is renewed monthly and ends when you return the instrument.
  • Your child may not be 100% sure about the instrument they have chosen to play, renting gives you the option of making a change if needed or desired.
  • Renting allows you time to evaluate the student’s dedication to playing and developing a solid commitment to daily practice.
  • Rent-to-Own. Monthly payments are applied toward the purchase of the instrument.
  • Rent-to-Rent. Up to 12 monthly payments are applied toward the purchase of an instrument.

Every rental outfit includes an instrument, carrying case, and mouthpiece*. (*except Flute, Oboe, and Percussion.) Teacher Recommended reeds, sticks, music books, music stands, care kits, and other accessories may be added and purchased separately.

Often students want to quit after the first couple of months because they are not seeing the progress that they wanted or were hoping for.

Encourage your child to stick with it for at least the school year.

Playing an instrument takes practice and perseverance. Only a very select few are instant prodigies.

Be Supportive, Patient and Help Your Child Find Ways to Make Practicing Fun!