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Kids, Music Play for Little People, is an early childhood music education program for children 6 months – 6 years.

Our program is designed to boost your child's rhythm and music skills while also working on important developmental steps. Each age group is structured so that each child can grow and learn through music in a fun, social environment through songs and activities while utilizing their voices, rhythm instruments & creativity. At King Music Kids, children are shown how to play with sound through activities chosen to reinforce developmental skills in the areas of cognition, communication, motor, socialization, academics and music. Each week, students are exposed to a structured curriculum which focuses on vocal expression, movement and the use of rhythm instruments. Classes are taught and planned by an experienced teacher with a degree in music and are divided into the following age groups... 6-12 month babies, 1&2s, 2&3s, 3&4s and 5&6s. Young children grow and change at different paces so you will notice that three of our classes offer an age cross-over for any child not yet ready to graduate to the next class level.